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“The breastfeeding class was the best thing ever. I did the kangaroo/skin-to-skin method right away when I got the baby and he latched right on and is a little champ at the breastfeeding, so thank you a million times over for that. The class was so helpful! I think everyone should take a class on the baby-led method. It was brilliant! I didn't get to hold my baby for about 2 hours because I had to have a c-section, but I just followed those steps and it worked like a charm!”


“Danit's class was amazing! It made me feel at ease, and made the rumors of breastfeeding as a painful and hard process disappear. She gives you information that will help you to create a conducive environment to breastfeed, no matter where you are. She was extremely knowledgable and it felt easy to digest all of the information she gives. I highly recommend this workshop to all mothers, not just first-time mothers.... you will learn the natural way to breastfeed, just like the mammal you are.”

Omni Kitts Ferrara

“Danit's teaching style is warm and engaging. She provided us with a wealth of information that we referenced over and over again in those first few days and weeks of nursing our new baby. She emphasized how natural and instinctual nursing is for mom and baby and left me feeling confident that I would be able to develop that beautiful bond with our daughter. We highly recommend Danit and found her instruction and support to be invaluable.”

Tara and Kevin

“We were affiliated with a yoga studio and they were having a day-long workshop on a variety of things, and Danit was there talking about breastfeeding. The whole “baby crawl” angle was totally new to us – we would never have known to even research it since we had never heard of it, and very little of the literature talks about it. We decided to take Danit's longer 3-hour class to learn as much as possible. I must have taken 10 pages of notes that night! We are grateful for having met Danit and for having learned her approach. She is also an extremely warm, caring, and funny instructor – and I cannot recommend her class highly enough.”


"As a husband, I didn't really understand why I needed to take a breastfeeding class. It was clear though, after a short while, that I needed to be there. Danit made me, and I think all of the husbands, feel very comfortable and way more prepared for what was to come. There is a lot to learn, but it is not overwhelming. Danit is very knowledgable and presents the information in a very clear way. Througout the first few weeks of my son's life, my wife and I referenced back to all of the handouts and notes that we took from Danit's class. Everything just seemed to fall right into place! We are both so grateful for Danit's instruction and guidance. I would highly recommend this class to all dads-to-be."


"Danit's class was fantastic. My husband and I felt more confident in our decision to breastfeed our baby and were armed with loads of information on what to expect. Danit was engaging and the class was interesting. Thanks Danit!"


“I have known Danit for several years and have always been impressed with the level of compassion that she brings to all her clients. She possesses the unique combination of broad hospital-based experience and a well-educated holistic approach to breastfeeding. I highly recommend her classes for all expectant parents to successfully navigate through the breastfeeding experience.”

Dawn Cedrone, RN, MSN, IBCLC
NewBornMom Breastfeeding Solutions
Executive Director

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