Postpartum Lactation Services

Class Description

Like all mammals, babies have a natural instinct to nurse. In fact, babies have a natural instinct to find their mother’s breast on their own and latch on. The more that we interfere with this natural process, the more complicated we make it. Breastfeeding has often become so ‘medicalized’ in our society that mothers are losing touch with the natural process of nursing one’s young. Most women deliver in a hospital setting and therefore are subject to the protocols and routines of the hospital. The structure of the maternity ward is often not very conducive to mother/baby bonding, baby-led breastfeeding or breastfeeding on demand. Therefore, it is essential, not only that women have adequate information about breastfeeding practices in the hospital, but that they have the knowledge and confidence to create the breastfeeding experience that they desire within the hospital setting.

As a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and registered nurse who has worked in clinics, private homes and various hospitals, Danit has designed a class that is geared towards women who want to experience breastfeeding in a natural way, regardless of where or how they give birth. Nursing the Natural Way provides a strong foundation of breastfeeding education, while emphasizing the importance of the mother/baby bond and its effect on breastfeeding initiation and success. In addition, the class covers key information about what to expect in the hospital and how to work within the hospital system to create an optimal breastfeeding experience. It is recommended that this class be taken with a husband/partner in the 3rd trimester.

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