Postpartum Lactation Services



Danit Wehle, RN, IBCLC
Danit Wehle is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as well as a registered nurse. Originally from the tri-state area, Danit moved to Berkeley, California after graduating from Columbia University’s Nursing School. She worked for several years as a baby nurse in private homes, providing maternal postpartum care, newborn care and breastfeeding support & education. Although Danit loved practicing in the natural environment of her clients' homes, she eventually decided to work in the hospital setting to gain more experience in maternal/child medicine. Specifically, Danit wanted to better understand the effects of hospital “medicalized” births on breastfeeding practices and success outcomes. She began a mentorship program, working under the guidance of Patricia Ross, a senior and well respected IBCLC at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, who recognized her aptitude and passion for the field and encouraged her to pursue this specialty. Danit continued to work as a postpartum nurse in the maternity unit, as well as a lactation counselor in the outpatient clinic, while completing her IBCLC certification.

In 2007 Danit returned to the east coast and founded Nursing the Natural Way, a practice that serves the expectant mothers in the tri-state area.

Danit resides in Montclair NJ with her husband and son.

Danit’s training and experience as a registered nurse provides her with a strong medical background, which she blends seamlessly with her intuition and trust in the natural bond between mother and baby. Danit has a deep sense of empathy, compassion, patience and light-heartedness, as well as a non-judgmental presence and an ability to truly listen. She is gentle, respectful and accepting of all families and their breastfeeding goals.
Danit continues to be in awe of the beauty and magic of pregnancy, birth, new life and the bond between mother and baby. She feels honored to be welcomed into this special realm each day and to be involved in such an intimate way with the miracle of life.

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